Made by Tomas Varga
An endless shooting experience with multiple characters, original music and funny dialogues.

Easter Edition

  • Jump in the game as a new character Bunny
  • A new title track
  • Happy Easter!

Winter Edition

  • Jump in the game as a new character Santa
  • Collect gift boxes as Santa
  • 4 new tracks
  • Winter environment

VOL. 1:

  • One-hand control
    (for those who like to eat a lot)
  • 16 unique characters
  • 16 levels
  • 16 tracks
  • 16 years of playtime!
    (if you really want but not really, at least not yet)
  • endless shooting
    (lasers, old phones, lipsticks, axes, disco balls, drinks, bamboo, gummybears, bullets, knives..)
  • dialogues
  • flying debris
  • flying..debris? yeah, you need to dodge them and'll see.
  • lasers!
  • iCloud support
  • How much it can cost you may ask..99cent? Nooo, it's free! :)
  • There are Google Ads but only if you want these awesome characters right now! Just look at them. I wouldn't blame you..I need a coffee..
  • hmm..what else..I guess stuff?
  • and oh yes, more coming (soon)!
Don't forget to listen or download superduper original soundtrack!
Thanks Tomas

Download Original Soundtrack

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